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Bodinayakanur, also called Bodi is a small town located on the foothills of the Western Ghats, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. This town is surrounded by the ranges of Western Ghats on three sides, offering spectacular views of the Ghats. Theni, the nearest market town is 16 kms from Bodi.

      During the nineteenth century, Bodinayakanur was an important place in the Travancore province. There is a small palace built by the Rajah of Travancore. This palace has been built with the Jaipur Palace in mind.

Origin of the name

The history behind the name of the place is interesting. Once a wild boar roamed the nearby lowland forest. It often intruded into the town and ruined the farms. So the Rajah of Travancore had announced that the town will be named after the person, who kills the wild boar. So the town has been named as Bodayanayakkanur, after the person Bodayanayakkar, who killed the wild boar. Later it got transformed to Bodinayakanur.